If Santa Had To Drive Cars Across The Globe, Here’s What He’d Drive

If Santa Had To Drive Cars Across The Globe, Here’s What He’d Drive

Christmas is just around the corner and Santa and his fleet of reindeer are fitting in their last few training sessions and eating their last few sets of mince pies and carrots before their marathon journey.

But what if Santa let the reindeer roam free and instead went for a high-cost, no-expense-spared garage filled with some of the world’s coolest cars?

Well, imagine no longer, as the team at Carwow have come up with an impressive selection of vehicles that could get Santa anywhere – even outer space!

Porsche 959 – Mountains

1 porsche 959 copy

After winning the Paris-Dakar rally in 1986, this car is perfect for tricky mountain roads. And as those roads will have snow on them, the tank tracks are worth the extra expense (as if Santa cares about the cost) and the bar light will act as Rudolph to light the way. The air cannon helps get the presents to unreachable chimneys, too, so it’s really useful.

Lamborghini Huracan – Deserts

2 Lamborghini Huracan copy 

Of course, the first place you think of for the Huracan is the desert, right? Well, with raised suspension and desert tyres, it’s perfect for the tricky dunes that Santa will encounter so he can speed away from any ruffians who want to steal his mince pies. Superleggera Santa it is!

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 – Inner cities

3 Nissan R34 copy

Inner-city driving needs control, speed and style, and what better car to deliver presents in than one that fits into a city landscape perfectly? The R34 drift machine can get Santa around the traffic, while the bright neon lights and red paint will help him blend in with the hustle and bustle of city life.

Ford GT40 – Oceans

4 Ford GT40 copy 

To get out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean you need speed, and the GT40 is perfect. Despite not being a purpose-built boat, its streamlined body will work wonders on the water, and with that monster V8 fitted on the back you’ll certainly know when he’s coming.

Ferrari F40 – Jungle rivers

5 Ferrari f40 copy 

With a flat bottom and slimline look, this one wasn’t too difficult to decide for Santa. As well as the high-powered V8, the F40 comes with outboard motors to help navigate the twisty rivers of the jungle.

Jeep Wrangler V8 – African plains

6 Jeep Wrangler copy 

With the help of a deep-dish trailer and a modified V8 for speed plus even more nippiness over the flat plains, Santa will get around quickly anywhere in this. But it’s a thirsty beast, so he’ll need a lot of fuel.

Shelby Cobra – Lapland

7 shelby cobra copy 

He wants a cool car for his home patch, and what better than one of the coolest-looking cars of all time?! The Cobra is ideal, and with the addition of a ski-doo chassis set-up it’s practically perfect in every way.

Audi Ur Quattro S1 – Rainforests

8 Audi quattro copy 

As the ultimate Group B rally car, this is ideal for bounding around the tricky and less-than-grippy terrain of the rainforest. With huge wheels and a roof rack, it can take on any small river and ravine the forest can throw at it.

Jaguar E-Type – A quaint English town


To go through England it has to be refined and traditional, and Santa is on to a winner here. The E-Type is possibly better suited than most to a quiet town, and despite being slammed it fits.

BMW i8 – The Moon

10 Bmw i8 copy

To get to the Moon you need rocket power and an awesome-looking ship. So what looks futuristic enough to make this sort of trip? Oh yeah, the i8. After all, what else could fit in 100 years in the future and still look like it was new? Yes, this’ll do nicely. And we reckon if Santa can get his reindeer to fly around the Earth, he’ll have no problem whatsoever coaxing the i8 to burst through our atmosphere and zoom through the inky blackness of space.

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