Say Hello To The Absolute Worst Drivers In The World

Say Hello To The Absolute Worst Drivers In The World

Gears, accelerator, clutch, mirror, signal and manoeuvre: this driving lark isn’t exactly easy, is it?

But fear not, you aren’t alone in this world if you’ve recently ‘rabbit-hopped’ out of Sainsbury’s, ripped a front wing off at your local garage or backed into bloody bollard. It happens to everyone at some point.

If that little pep talk hasn’t got you pumped to jump behind the wheel like a boss, then take a look at this long list of automotive morons, who single-handedly make the average driver look like Lewis Hamilton in comparison.

1. The person who thinks the ticket barrier is an evil foe that needs to be crushed

1. barrier

2. The driver who sees the big warning signs as an opportunity to pull off big jumps


3. The wannabe drift king who just gets it horribly wrong


4. The momentary concentration lapse that leads to very wet pants


5. The slightly larger concentration lapse that almost blows up a small town

5. fire

6. The lack of spatial awareness that leads to some impromptu stunt driving

6. Stunts

7. The out of control driver who really hates their garage door

7. Garage door

8. Another ticket barrier hater. Honestly, ticket barriers aren’t that bad

8. barrier 2

9. Meet the driver who is bamboozled by gates… 

9. gate breaker

10. … And the fool who just won’t take “No Entry” as an answer

10. no entry

11. This undertaker almost pays a visit to the undertaker

11. undertaker

12. But we all should applaud the world’s coolest rubbish driver…

12. cool driver

13. …And this graceful plonker

14. graceful plonker

14. Then there’s the driver who struggles with reverse gear…

14. reversing

15. … And finally, the driver who seems to struggle with every gear

See, that minor scrape wasn’t so bad after all, was it?

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