Sculpture Shows Us Just How Big-Headed Clarkson Can Be

Sculpture Shows Us Just How Big-Headed Clarkson Can Be

Some say Jeremy Clarkson is quite big-headed, but we’ve been left wondering whether it’s all gone a bit far after his eight-foot noggin was spotted on the back of a truck in western America.

There can be few things scarier than coming face to face with an enormous, um, face – and it must be even more terrifying when it’s the oversized fizzog of Jezza himself that’s fixing you with a stony glare.

Some poor souls in the state of Washington have been traumatised by exactly that, though, and chose to share their terrifying experience with others on social media.

Considering Clarkson’s global reputation, it’s no surprise that the pictures spread like wildfire, and The Grand Tour was forced to admit that the huge bonce was a publicity stunt and that similar sculptures were being created for Clarkson’s co-presenters, James May and Richard Hammond.

While it’s tough not to be impressed by the scale of the head, it does beg the question of why Amazon has chosen to make him look a little bit undead.

Although James May’s dry wit chose to point out that this is actually the small version of his co-presenter’s swede.

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