The sentient steering wheel of the future is here

The sentient steering wheel of the future is here

Meet Sayer, Jaguar Land Rover’s new steering wheel.

And no, we haven’t lost the plot, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) really has named a steering wheel.

Labelled as an “intelligent and connected steering wheel of the future”, Sayer will actually live with you in your home and, apparently, be your trusted companion. Exactly, who needs humans when you can befriend a steering wheel?

The steering wheel may even become the only part of the car you own, as you would “share” your car with others. Sayer is part of a project by the company exploring mobility beyond 2040.

The steering wheel of the future has been revealed ahead of the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest which takes place at Central Saint Martins art, design and technology college, London, this weekend.

Sayer will be able to arrange your life for you too, working out when you should get up, and advising you on which parts of the journey you may like to drive yourself.

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