Here Are Seven Things That Will Make You Want A New Volvo XC90

Here Are Seven Things That Will Make You Want A New Volvo XC90

It used to have a reputation as the yummy mummy’s Chelsea Tractor of choice.

And that’s not about to change any time soon.

However, not only will the new Volvo XC90 be the perfect car to bump up the kerb outside the school gates, but it will also give owners maximum bragging rights while waiting for Sprog Number One to exit class.

Here’s the ones we’d be using in a game of Yummy Mummy Top Trumps against Chardonnay who just seems too have everything you don’t. The cow.

1. It has a crystal gear knob. It’s in the T8 hybrid version of the XC90 and each one is hand made

137 Interior detail

2. You can enjoy the acoustics of Sweden’s Gothenburg Concert Hall while listening to Ed Sheeran from your iPhone. Yes, really


3. The indicators are supposed to imitate Thor’s Hammer…

101 Volvo XC90

But all Yummies will think of is this…


4. The Volvo logo has been tidied up, so that the arrow points in the same direction as the bar across the grille. Actually, forget this one, other mummies will think you’re just weird

087 Volvo XC90

5. The interior is wonderful in its woodiness (saucy), lovely in its, er, leatheryness and extremely comfortable. The mother-in-law will LOVE IT

And if she doesn’t, leave her in the home. Just LOOK AT IT

6. Volvo invented the three-point seat-belt back in 1959. Now you can be reminded of that every time you get in. BRILLIANT

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 12.45.32

7. And Volvo is Swedish. Like Ikea. And everyone loves Ikea. By love we obviously mean hate. But look! Flags! LITTLE TINY FLAGS

112 Interior detail

And did we mention it’s actually really, ruddy good? Want more? Then go watch this serious video

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