Six Reasons Why The Lamborghini Veneno Is Still Ultra Cool

Six Reasons Why The Lamborghini Veneno Is Still Ultra Cool

With the influx of jaw-dropping hypercars from the likes of Pagani and Koenigsegg, its easy to feel for the daddy of poster wall cool – Lamborghini.

So purely because we’re been thinking about it a lot we think it’s time to remember the awesome Veneno.

Here are our top six reasons why it’s still epic:

#1 It looks like the Batmobile has got it on with the USS Enterprise. The result is more wing and less Spock.


#2 It celebrates Lambo’s 50th anniversary. Which is pretty special. We can’t imagine the Vauxhall equivalent would hold the same gravitas…


#3 It’s really quite rare. Only 5 Veneno coupes were built, with two going to Lamborghini themselves. Happily, however, nine roadsters were later produced. Mmmm, resale value.


#4 It makes the Aventador SV look like Alan Partridge drives one. Back of the net!


#5 Veneno, in Lamborghini tradition, was a fighting bull. One of the strongest and most aggressive ever, apparently. Like Chuck Norris on wheels.


#6 $4.5 million. ‘Nuff said.


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