Six Reasons We Love The Citroen DS

Six Reasons We Love The Citroen DS

We like the Citroen DS. A lot.

Which is why, after some begging on our part, we enticed Citroen into letting us play with their prized and fully restored 1961 DS ID19 for a couple of days.

Unsurprisingly we’ve all fallen completely in love with it, and having only just got bored of driving around in berets listening to Brigitte Bardot, we’re now in a position to share its unashamed French brilliance with you all.

As it happens, it’s the Goddess’s 60th birthday this year too, so we thought we’d introduce the old girl to something 21st century: Vine.

So, here are six reasons we love the DS…

#1: You feel instantly cooler behind the wheel

#2: The interior is still luxurious

#3: Everything is beautifully designed

#4: Self-levelling suspension never gets boring

#5: It’s smoother than… a smooth thing

#6: It makes you question modern retro metal

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