Six-Wheeled G63 AMG Takes Turn For Worse

Six-Wheeled G63 AMG Takes Turn For Worse

Well, that’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

We’re used to seeing Merc’s rugged six-wheeled SUV diving between sand dunes and terrorising passers-by with its unbreakable stance.


It’s pretty badass – much like Satan’s cat.


This Brabus-upgraded G63 AMG, however, was caught looking rather sorry for itself after it flipped over in Moscow.

A question mark still hovers above the reason as to how it ended up in this position, but we’re pretty sure the driver played a pivotal role…


On another note, flipping a 5.5-litre, twin-turbo AMG V8 brick, which churns out 690bhp, is pretty impressive. We just hope its sturdy construction spared the driver from injury.

YouTube / Уступи Дорогу – via Iframely

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