Sixteen-Year-Old Stuffs A Crossfire At The Nurburgring

Sixteen-Year-Old Stuffs A Crossfire At The Nurburgring

Teaching your kids how to drive as early as possible is essential.

But the Nordschleife is no place to start. It’s about as far away from My First Racetrack as it’s possible to get.

This is why:


Some people, though, just don’t get it.

A mother and her 16-year-old son journeyed from Switzerland in their Chrysler Crossfire for the teenager to have a quick blap around the ‘Green Hell’ on the last public day of the year at the Nurburgring. Their road trip didn’t start well, either, as mother picked up a €1,260 (£884) fine and potential three-month driving ban in Germany for speeding.

Once there, the mother handed the car to junior and, well, you can probably see where this is going…

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 16.43.22

How he managed to get on to the circuit without a licence is baffling, but the inevitable crash came sooner rather than later when he got a bit too close to the protective barriers, crunching the silver Chrysler along the Armco.

The accident wasn’t captured on film but, somewhat ironically, pre-crash footage that we do have of the teenager shows him  making a pretty decent fist of things.


However, it does raise a frightening question. Is the speed limit lift on the Nurburgring a good idea when some drivers treat it with so little respect?

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