Smart ForTwo smokes quarter-mile drag race

Smart ForTwo smokes quarter-mile drag race

Most Smart ForTwos will be seen on city streets either darting in and out of traffic or parked with their nose facing the pavement to prove how small the car is.

However, this guy decided that an 800cc ‘eco-friendly’ three-cylinder car with a top speed that’s on a par with your granny going for a walk isn’t quite cutting it.

So what do you do? That’s right: you drop a Volkswagen 1.9-litre TDi diesel engine inside and end up with a car the size of a shoe that goes exceptionally fast.

Race down a quarter-mile straight and you’ll pretty much leave everything behind, as shown in the video – although they’re left behind in huge plumes of acrid black smoke.

Everyone has been talking about going electric and green recently, so it’s nice to see proper petrolheads having the last hurrah doing 105mph in a Smart, creating smoke and noise on a runway.

It took place at this month’s Italian Drag Racing Championship 2017, held at Carpi. Motoring bliss…

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