Our Snapper Went Camera Crazy For The New BMW 3 Series

Our Snapper Went Camera Crazy For The New BMW 3 Series

We sent our snapper to Spain. Mostly because he talks a lot, but also because he takes brilliant pictures.

The guys at BMW let Jonny Fleetwood take a 320d Xdrive M Sport back from Bilbao and he then filled his camera card with lovely stuff. Here’s some of it.

NB: We only published them to stop him talking.

Snapper Fleetwood moaned because it was grey. Still made it look good

150904 - BMW 320D M-Sport Driveback-1

The man who designed their hotel was quite clearly blind drunk… Fleetwood shot it anyway

150904 - BMW 320D M-Sport Driveback-12

He even picked up a hitchhiker and let him have a go… oh no, that’s Jack he works for us

150904 - BMW 320D M-Sport Driveback-16

They did a quick stop on a bridge that looks like it could fall down at any second. Crazy guys

150904 - BMW 320D M-Sport Driveback-22

Then they got excited about the red leather…

150904 - BMW 320D M-Sport Driveback-26

And then Fleetwood nailed it with shots like this. There’s a car in there somewhere

150904 - BMW 320D M-Sport Driveback-38

When not taking photographs Fleetwood climbed mountains and then took more photographs

150904 - BMW 320D M-Sport Driveback-35

And then he put water on the badge as a special effect

150904 - BMW 320D M-Sport Driveback-30

He parked it in a street where it appears no humans live

150904 - BMW 320D M-Sport Driveback-48

Then hung off a cliff (again) for this

150904 - BMW 320D M-Sport Driveback-77-Edit

Then he went back to the deserted village. That or we put these in the wrong order…

150904 - BMW 320D M-Sport Driveback-49

He got all excited about mountains

150904 - BMW 320D M-Sport Driveback-42

Then he took this one and decided he’d retire…

150905 BMW driveback0099-Edit2

At least that will stop him talking…

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