Snow Joke As Plough Is Run Off The Road

Snow Joke As Plough Is Run Off The Road

Driving a snow plough should be a pretty safe gig – but not in the snowy mountains of Utah, it seems.

Dashcam footage shows the moment a plough is forced off the road by an articulated truck that tries to undertake.

The plough is clearing the snow from the outside lane of the highway when the massive truck tries to pass on the inside. With disastrous consequences.

The truck slides on the slippery road and slams into the plough, sending it across the opposite carriageway and through a barrier. It then tumbles down the hillside.

Utah TV station ABC 4 showed the incident, with reporter Aldo Vazquez posting this tweet from the crash site.

Incredibly, the plough’s driver, named as Terry Jacobson, survived, although he was taken to hospital with serious injuries. We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

You can see the horrific incident below. (NB: Although the dashcam reckons it happened in December 2009, it has been confirmed that it actually took place last Thursday.)

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