Someone managed to drive a Tesla Model S 670 miles on one charge

Someone managed to drive a Tesla Model S 670 miles on one charge

Tesla continues with its electric car domination.

The one main problem that continues to worry those who won’t accept an electric-fuelled future, though, is range anxiety.

But Tesla has managed to come up trumps again, with a Model S managing to achieve 670 miles on just one charge – amazing, considering the claimed range is 393 miles. This should shatter any reservations people still have about the range of electric cars.

It was so impressive that even the boss of Tesla, Elon Musk, congratulated the members of the Tesla owners club in Italy who achieved the incredible feat.

We may still let you off about not being 100 per cent convinced by an electric future, though, as the Model S used was a 100D, costing a not insignificant £89,500.

It also involved the drivers using hypermiling techniques, including turning off the air con (a lot of fun in the sweltering heat sweeping across southern Europe, we’re sure), as well as averaging just 25mph, maintaining a constant speed and trying not to use the brakes.

But it’s certainly a step in the right direction, and we congratulate Musk on what he has done with Tesla, ensuring that electricity really is capable of being the fuel of the future.

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