Steve McQueen’s Modified Porsche Up For Sale, We Ring The Bank

Steve McQueen’s Modified Porsche Up For Sale, We Ring The Bank

Tuned 930 Carrera with police-evading modification expected to fetch $1.5m (£1m) at auction.

Hollywood legend and petrolhead, Steve McQueen, had an impressive car collection. One of them is about to go to auction in California and is expected to fetch up to £1million – around ten times what a Porsche of this ilk would usually sell for.

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In true petrolhead form, the 930 is modified to be faster and McQueen had also had a switch fitted to the dashboard which would kill the tail lights in case he needed to outrun the police or press on Mulholland Drive.

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The car was only delivered to McQueen in 1976 – four years before he died, meaning it was the final car he bought.

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While filming ‘Le Mans’, McQueen fell in love with the Porsche and when the film was completed, decided he would order his own.

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McQueen had a deeply impressive fleet of cars during his time, including Ferraris, Jaguars and other Porsches, many of which were customised.

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Last year, his 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 sold for £6million at auction to an anonymous British buyer. Cars previously owned by McQueen often fetch significantly more than they are worth due to his reputation as ‘the King of Cool’.

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The Boys Republic – a California school for troubled teens that McQueen attended will receive a portion of the proceeds as he credits them with turning his life around.

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