Stop-Motion Film Makes Us Want To Wrap Everything

Stop-Motion Film Makes Us Want To Wrap Everything

Do you hate the colour of your car?

Perhaps you bought it from an OAP who thought hearing-aid beige would get them noticed. Or maybe your parents have just surprised you with your first car, and it’s the colour of a well-worn urinal cake.


Either way, salvation is at hand. Wrapping (not the thing that gets your nan all worked up at Christmas) is the latest ‘thing’ in car customisation, and allows drivers of horribly hued cars to change its look as often as they like, with the coloured sheets of plastic film as easy to take off as they are to put on.

Even easier, in fact. A European wrapping outfit has shown just how much attention detail goes into wrapping a car, with this slick stop-motion video. The only question we’ve got is why did they choose to showcase their skills on this Volkswagen shed?

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