‘Stretchy Truck’ Might Be The Weirdest Dragster You See This Year

‘Stretchy Truck’ Might Be The Weirdest Dragster You See This Year

You’ll see all sorts of weird and wonderful things down at the drag strip, and this might be the weirdest and most wonderful.

‘Stretchy Truck’ is a pretty strange-looking pick-up truck. Based on a Chevrolet S10, Stretchy Truck has an elongated load bay built for the purposes of holding the engine…


Yes, this is a mid-engined pick-up. And since the owner, Nick Plewniak, has gone to the trouble of putting the engine in the pick-up bed he’s made it a pretty serious one – a twin turbocharged 580i (that’s 9.5 litres) big block V8. This gives Stretchy 1,200hp at the rear wheels – without nitrous – which made for spectacles like this:


Unfortunately, this recently released video is something of an in memoriam. Stretchy’s tendency to move about on the strip earned it the nickname ‘Sketchy Truck’ and last October Stretchy got very sketchy indeed. Nick lost control and ended up rolling it about 300 yards into a run – though the funny car cage in the truck meant he walked away from the upside-down wreck unscathed:


Still, we can enjoy this clip as a reminder of good times – and with a sense of foreboding for whatever crazy project Plewniak has planned next…

YouTube / 1320video – via Iframely

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