These Stunts Between Moving Cars Make Us Feel A Bit Queasy

These Stunts Between Moving Cars Make Us Feel A Bit Queasy

On sight of a fast approaching vehicle, many of us would take self preservation as a precedent and jump out of the way.

Not these five American stuntmen, whose latest action packed video combines cars and parkour, in the new sport of Carkour, or Parcar.

It includes mad stuff like tight rope walking between cars…


The video, featuring William Spencer, Alex Duong, Daniel Ilabaca, Josh Yadon and Bart Baker, involves stunts not far removed from Hollywood, as these talented lads jump between cars moving at speeds of up to 20mph.

Or swap drivers while the car is moving…


With a skateboard and a tightrope along for the ride (literally), they somehow make the stunts look effortless – so effortless, in fact, that we could probably try them out here in the car park of SuperUnleaded HQ.

But we’d get gravel rash doing it, and gravel rash hurts.

For some reason we really want to try this. But we don’t have a skateboard.


We’ll leave the stunts to the professionals and their Abarth 500s, which are no doubt significantly more dented following the making of this video…


Watch it in full here…

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