Subaru WRX ‘Slides’ Down Olympic Bobsled Run

Subaru WRX ‘Slides’ Down Olympic Bobsled Run

PR videos are nothing new. But you probably won’t have seen anything like this.

The challenge rally driver Mark Higgins undertakes here involves a Subaru WRX STI, a Swiss bobsled track and incredible bravery.

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Higgins takes the Subaru around the St Moritz-Celerina Olympic Bobrun with startling ease.

In a breathtaking 80 seconds that could go wrong in a flash, the Manx racer controls the powerful vehicle with finesse fitting for a man who has made Isle Of Man racing his own in recent years.


No stranger to speed and in particular to Subaru, the three-time British Rally Championship winner has broken numerous Isle Of Man lap records and all in various WRX STIs.

This latest escapade shows that the 45-year-old still retains all his speed while having lost none of the bravery that has made him such a champion.

Written by Joe Sweeney

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