SuperUnleaded Reader Snaps BTCC Test Day And We Love It

SuperUnleaded Reader Snaps BTCC Test Day And We Love It

Who doesn’t love a wet and cold race track?

Ok, most of our better halves, but that still doesn’t stop us heading to the windswept expanses of tarmac to pray to the petrol temple every once in a while.

SuperUnleaded reader David Keat and his son Morgan were out in their waterproofs today at Thruxton catching some pre-season BTCC testing. And he’s sent us some pics.

Following our story about racer Andrew Jordan declaring his MG3 company car “the best ever”, he tweeted us this…

We hope Jordan did eventually find his MG6, which Keat captured beautifully here


A break in the rain allowed this BMW to get a new set of boots


You can see from this snap just how damp testing was. We hope Keat’s waterproofs held firm


How cool do the Beemers looks in wide-bodied BTCC guise?


You’ve got to hand it to the BTCC boys when they can even make a Civic look desirable

20150219_130308-1_1 (1)

Unfortunately the testing didn’t all go to plan for some of those taking part


In fact this Renault Clio probably wished its owner had never turned up…


Keat’s pictures got us excited for another season of paintwork-swapping racing that we’ve become used to in BTCC. If you’ve forgotten what that looks like check this out

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