Suzuki’s iM-4 Concept Has Four-Wheel-Drive; Is Just Adorable

Suzuki’s iM-4 Concept Has Four-Wheel-Drive; Is Just Adorable


We like Suzuki’s new concept car a lot. Partially because it looks like the Japanese-market Alto we were fawning over earlier this month, we suspect.

There’s even some DNA from Suzukis of days gone by – the rear end, complete with triangular vents on the C-pillar, is reminiscent of the fantastically-named WhizzKid from the late ’70s.

Quite which segment the iM-4 is designed to fit into remains unclear, but with four-wheel-drive, high-ish ground clearance and a length slightly shorter than the Swift, we’re imagining it as a sort of Alto 4×4.


It’s not quite as basic as Suzuki’s typical city cars, though – aside from power being sent to four wheels, it has a regenerative braking system to improve fuel efficiency, 18-inch wheels (five quid says these won’t make production) and some downright funky-looking headlights.

Will they build it? Who knows. The fact that it’s based on Suzuki’s new-generation platform does make it slightly more likely, though. Fingers crossed.

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