Swan Holds Up Motorway In Hot Fuzz-Style Incident

Swan Holds Up Motorway In Hot Fuzz-Style Incident

There are few excuses more British than ‘I was late for work because a swan blocked the motorway’.

But that was exactly the issue faced by motorists on the M27 in Hampshire today. In a scene straight out of Hot Fuzz, a swan landed in the eastbound outside lane between junctions 11 and 12 then evaded police briefly before finally getting nabbed.

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A quick-witted driver managed to avert disaster by parking their pick-up truck across the middle and outer lanes as the swan, which was described as ‘stubborn’ by one witness, preened itself while angry motorists pootled by.

Officers eventually arrived but the swan wasn’t too impressed at their attempts to round it up. After a failed attempt to fly away, the animal was caught and moved to the hard shoulder before being transferred to a rescue centre in Portsmouth.


The centre manager, Richard Stokes, told the BBC: ‘Swans think the motorway is a river when it has been raining and the tarmac is wet, which is why it was running up and down the carriageway.’

Poor swan. Poor motorists.

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