Take A 360-Degree Mountain Pass Hoon In The New Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Take A 360-Degree Mountain Pass Hoon In The New Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Ever dreamed of hooning a brand spanking new Ferrari through the Italian mountains? Well, now’s your chance! Sort of.

This awesome video is about as close as many of us will get to actually jumping into an exotic wearing the famous Prancing Horse as it gallops through epic scenery.


Filmed by a chap called Nino Karotta – he’s the lucky devil behind the wheel – it gives a 360-degree view of his glorious blast through the Italian Dolomites. That means you can move your phone to look around or, if you’re on a PC, use your mouse to check out the scenery and sexy interior. Ignore the driver’s chatter and focus on the exquisite noises emanating from the car.

Remember the FF, that bread-van-styled Ferrari that was kind of controversial when it came out but won everyone over with its incredible performance and complex four-wheel-drive system? The GTC4Lusso is its replacement. And by the sounds of it, the boys from Maranello have colpito il chiodo sulla testa once more. That’s ‘hit the nail on the head’ in Italian, apparently…


Want some specs? Of course you do. It makes 681bhp from a 6.3-litre V12 that revs sonorously all the way to 8,250rpm. Zero to 62mph is despatched in 3.4 seconds and it has four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. Not too shabby.

So, hit the full screen button and put your headphones on loud, because this is one seriously cool video!

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