The six tools no motorist should be without

The six tools no motorist should be without

With new lockdown measures still in place across the UK, many vehicles simply aren’t moving as much as usual. Cars don’t tend to like staying still for too long, either, which is why now can prove to be an ideal time to do some much-needed maintenance.

Of course, for larger jobs, you should always contact a trained professional, but some smaller tasks can be done by motorists at home. For that, you need the right tools – and Euro Car Parts has highlighted six of the key tools that no car owner should be without.

Helen Robinson, Marketing Director for Euro Car Parts, said: “Lockdown is a great time for those looking to get more experience with car maintenance as many people will have more time on their hands, as well as it being important to keep an unused vehicle in good condition.

“Whilst we encourage all motorists to learn basic maintenance skills and techniques, it’s important to remember that if you’re unsure of how to repair anything then you should always visit a garage to ensure the job is done correctly.”

Let’s take a look at some of the key tools all motorists should have to hand.

Socket set

Socket set
A socket set is a useful addition to your selection of tools

A socket set is a crucial starting point for any amateur or experienced motorist as it has its uses across the board when it comes to car repair. Many socket sets bring both imperial and metric sizes, as well as the wrench itself.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to check what size nuts and bolts you’ll be working with on your car to make sure that the set you’re buying will work for the car.


Not only is a screwdriver set useful for cars, but it’s handy to use around the home too

A comprehensive set of screwdrivers is essential when it comes to car repair, so it’s a good idea to buy a good quality set as it’ll be better suited to the trials and tribulations that come with working on cars.

They’re available in a variety of different head sizes and lengths, and an added bonus of a screwdriver set is they’ll likely come in handy around the house, too.

Multibit sets

Multibit set
A multibit set provides a quick alternative to a screwdriver

Even if you’ve got a full set of screwdrivers, a multibit set is a worthwhile addition to your tool kit. They can be a speedy option if you need a quick fix and they’re an ideal way of making sure that you’ve got the right head for any screw you need to use.

An extra is that multibit sets are compact and don’t take up much space in a toolbox, so it’s worthwhile keeping a set just in case.


Spanner set
A set of spanners has many applications in the car

Much like a socket set, spanners are some of the most important tools that a mechanic or car owner can have as they’re used for all manner of jobs.

Spanner sets come in a variety of different head sizes and lengths, so it’s worthwhile checking your car over to make sure that you buy the right set for your car.

Lubricants and cleaners

A lubricant like WD-40 can make many jobs a whole lot easier

A useful can of lubricant – like WD40 – is an ideal addition to a toolkit as it’s a great way of loosening tight screws and nuts while it can be used to protect moving parts.

Not only is a can of spray lubricant handy when it comes to a car, but it has a lot of applications around the home, too. Got a squeaky door? This will likely solve it in an instant.


A compact multitool brings many tools in one package

Multitools are a way of having several key tools located in one handy, easy-to-reach place. Even though you might have full-size versions at home, a multi-tool is always useful to have at hand in case you get caught out.

You could even keep one in your car’s glovebox, ensuring that you’ve got a set of tools to hand at all times.

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