Thief Rides Into Wall After Stealing Purse At Fuel Station

Thief Rides Into Wall After Stealing Purse At Fuel Station

Keeping an eye on your personal belongings is important, particularly when you’re filling up with fuel.

It’s all too easy for unscrupulous types to swipe your valuables while you’re busy watching the numbers rack up on the pump or are at the kiosk paying.


The woman in this clip, which appears to have been filmed in China, is seemingly on another planet while refuelling. A scooter rider sneaks up, opens her car door and grabs her bag from the front seat, then hops back on his ride to escape.


However, a petrol station employee spots the theft and dashes out to confront the baddie. The rider, seemingly distracted by her, crashes into a bollard then smashes headfirst into a wall.


The woman who had her bag nicked is still seemingly oblivious to what the commotion is about until the employee tells them. She then runs over and grabs her stuff while the bad guy lies on the floor in a crumpled heap.

It’s unknown what happened to the thief afterwards or what injuries he suffered, but hopefully he’s learnt the error of his ways.

Check out the foolhardy incident in the full clip below.

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