Thief Totals Porsche Boxster GTS In High-Speed Police Pursuit

Thief Totals Porsche Boxster GTS In High-Speed Police Pursuit

If you were in need of a getaway car, you wouldn’t go far wrong with a Porsche Boxster GTS.

It’s a brilliant machine, no doubt about it, but not even the most poised of sports cars can survive the driving of an idiot.

Having stolen a white Boxster GTS, a petty criminal by the name of Aiden John O’Brien-Daniels leads Sussex Police on a high-speed chase at up to 100mph.


The cop car’s dashcam shows the Porsche swerving through traffic, with the driver taking stupid risks and generally being a bit of a wally during the pursuit from Robertsbridge to Bexhill.


Inevitably, it ends in an accident – it looks as if the 20-year-old miscreant lost it at a mini-roundabout. Not exactly Bullitt, was it?

Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but the £59,000 GTS was written off. It happened last December and has just come to court, with O’Brien-Daniels, from Thamesmead, London, admitting numerous crimes and ending up behind bars for six years.


Want to watch the police video in full? It’s now been released and you can check it out below:

YouTube / Sussex Police - via Iframely

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