Touring Car Crashes Heavily, Wipes Out Cameraman

Touring Car Crashes Heavily, Wipes Out Cameraman

You know when you go to a track and there are those little yellow signs everywhere saying ‘motorsport is dangerous’? Yeah, they ain’t lying.

This scary video comes from the the British Touring Car Championship, which was racing at Snetterton last weekend. The first two races of the day passed by without too much drama, but at the start of race three it all went a bit Pete Tong.

Things went south when Mark Howard turned Alex Martin around near the back of the pack. A few cars dive left to get around the pair, but as they roll across the track the gap tightens until an unfortunate Hunter Abbott is left with nowhere to go.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.02.04

It looks like the Chevrolet goes wheel-to-wheel with Howard’s Volkswagen CC, and the collision sends the fast-moving car into a sickening barrel roll.

As if that wasn’t scary enough, Abbott flips on to the trackside barrier and rolls along it, bashing into a cameraman’s position.

The rear of the car clips the structure – which is apparently stronger than it looks – sending the cameraman falling backwards. Fortunately, the stand takes the hit well and topples over slowly. This probably gave the guy time to brace his fall.

giphy (14)

The race was immediately red flagged as medical personnel rushed to the scene. Bystanders helped to hold the fallen structure off the man who’d been behind the camera, named as Phil White, and he miraculously escaped serious injury.

Even knowing no-one was hurt, this one will make you wince!

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