Trio of Ford Sierra RS Cosworths snatched in carefully planned raid

Trio of Ford Sierra RS Cosworths snatched in carefully planned raid

Cossies and Car Thieves – there’s a familiar combination.

The type of criminal that steals an RS Cosworth is often portrayed as less than sophisticated. However, we now have evidence that this is a false stereotype.

Three Ford Sierra RS Cosworths have been stolen from Longside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, in a meticulous automotive heist that took place on the night of July 14th.

The fast Ford thieves also broke into owner Stephen Morgan’s home to retrieve the keys of his two Sierras, and a third belonging to a friend.

One of the cars would have a required a jump start in order to be driven away, which suggests that the robbery was rather more calculated than a joyride.

One of the three cars was found abandoned on a verge, with no sign of being driven to that point. The other two are yet to be found, prompting Morgan to urge the public to look out for the rare vehicles.

Mr. Morgan told the The Press and Journal: ‘If these cars are out there, on the road uncovered they will be spotted right away. There’s no chance they can drive those cars and not be seen.’

Speaking with, he reported that there was still no news of the cars’ location.

Tuck your Cossie in extra tight tonight, Ford enthusiasts.

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