Triumph Teases New Street Triple

Triumph Teases New Street Triple

Triumph has, in typically Triumph fashion, announced its latest model in a mysterious video.

Entitled ‘The street will never be the same again’, the shadowy clip shows what can only be the 2017 Street Triple.

Dramatic lettering reads: “Once in a generation, a motorcycle comes along that changes everything. Be one of the first to meet our new game changer – a bike that simply tears up the rule book and sets the new benchmark for power, weight, handling and looks. The revolution starts here.”

But what is this revolution the video speaks of?

Little is known of the model, except that it will receive the updated headlights of the larger capacity Speed Triple, as well as a snazzy LCD dash.

Market research carried out by the British manufacturer last year suggests that the new model will have a capacity hike over the current, much loved 675cc bike.

Provisional specifications for the future Street Triple range listed the bike as having a capacity ‘above 750cc’, and available in four different guises.

If Triumph sticks to its guns, that will mean a 110bhp base model with non-adjustable Kayaba suspension, a 115bhp ‘R’ version with adjustable Showa kit and radial Nissans, an ‘RT’ model with 125bhp and a host of touring add-ons, and an 125bhp ‘RS’, which will boast Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes.

Whatever it is, we’ll find out on Tuesday January 10, when Triumph will hold a live launch from 7pm.

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