Driver’s Tough Luck As His Truck Gets Stuck

Driver’s Tough Luck As His Truck Gets Stuck

As far as embarrassing road incidents go, getting your massive lorry wedged under an overpass must be pretty much up there.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to one driver after he (rather foolishly) tried to manoeuvre his 7.5-ton Isuzu truck under a 2.8-metre-high concrete overpass in Birmingham’s Dale End.

The mishap took place today after the truck hit the underside of an overpass that ferries buses in and out of the city centre.

Birmingham lorry accident

Luckily, all that was wounded in the incident was the driver’s pride, which we imagine was further damaged when he called his bosses to try to explain what had happened.

Apparently, the area has become something of a hot spot for similar accidents, so perhaps the driver can take some solace in that fact. Perhaps.

Another truck become stuck in the same spot in June, while yet another fell victim to the same fate in February.

Bets are now open for how long it will be until the next truck gets stuck…


Main image: Richard Vernalls/PA Wire

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