Why Trying To Pass Your Driving Test Is The Worst Thing Ever

Why Trying To Pass Your Driving Test Is The Worst Thing Ever

Passing your driving test is a rite of passage for most teenagers… so why am I still trying to pass it four years later?

Yeah, I keep asking myself the same question…

Although I’ve yet to get the thumbs up from my examiner, I have managed to learn some things along the way – mostly the many, many reasons why trying to pass your test is the WORST THING EVER.

#1 Your parents

Cringing as your parent’s watch as you drive off on your first lesson is bad. Not as bad as it is on your 25th…


#2 Parallel parking

Getting to the end of a lesson and feeling the overwhelming urge to fist-pump the air because no one’s mentioned the dreaded P’s. (Parallel parking, duh)


#3 Still drunk

Having to cancel a 9am lesson because you’re 100 per cent still intoxicated. Again.


#4 The swearing

Dealing with five minutes of awkward silence after you’ve shouted the S word, the W word AND the F word…


#5 The embarrassment

Noticing your friends are behind you and having to accept the fact that there will be a photo of you driving on Facebook with at least 20 likes by the time you’ve finished. Great.


#6 Clutch control

Spending the entire two-hour lesson bitching about your new enemy – the clutch… And then you finally master it.


#7 Emergency stops

Losing concentration for a split second and experiencing what one might call a full throttle neck-battering emergency stop. Was that really necessary?


#8 Stalling

Stalling in the middle of a roundabout and taking the time to thank your parents, friends and peers for the life you’ve had…


#9 The instruction

Being told to speed up. And then to slow the hell down.


#10 The sarcasm

“I am a little disappointed with your effort this afternoon” – But did you die?


#11 Realising your own stupidity

The realisation that you have reached adulthood and still don’t know your lefts and rights… Yes, this is actually true.


Words: Chloe Haywood

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