Behold! The BMW M3 Transformer!

Behold! The BMW M3 Transformer!

They are the ‘Robots in Disguise’ that have littered our childhoods over varying generations.

From the cartoons of the ’80s and ’90s


To the Michael Bay films of the 2000s (shudders)


(Apart from Bumblebee – we LOVE Bumblebee)


But now a Turkish company has brought the fantastic fictional beings to life, in the shape of a BMW M3.

Letvision has created Antimon – an almost fully functional remote-controlled robot built out of the famous sports saloon.


With full head, neck and arm movement when in full Transformer guise, it can also be driven around when in car mode.

The intricate unveiling of the Antimon looks amazing, with this Letron having taken eight months to make by the team of 12 engineers and four supporting technicians.

One thing strikes us as a bit odd, though, and that’s the position of the smoke machine…


Check out the full and amazing video of Antimon below:

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