These tweets perfectly summarise the Frankfurt Motor Show

These tweets perfectly summarise the Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show is upon us and as always the biennial convention has thrown up some cracking cars.

But as well as pretty cool motors, attendees have also been posting sensational tweets from the event. Here are our favourites.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a Nissan 370z?

Car shows always have some weird vehicles making their debut and Frankfurt has been no exception. (Nope, we’re not exactly sure what this is trying to be either…)


Puns. Our Becca’s got ’em.

Er, what now?

Never trust Google Translate.

The food looks good…

Check out the size of that pretzel.

…OK, maybe not

Fries with fish?!?!?

What’s on your mind?

Paris Hilton’s asking the big questions. Our Jack Evans is asking the real ones.

Who needs Frankfurt anyway?

Not Jeremy Webb. He’s got his dogs and Poundland.

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