Twitter Blunder For McLaren As Account Is Hacked

Twitter Blunder For McLaren As Account Is Hacked

If you’re an avid follower of McLaren’s Twitter account, you may have picked up on a rather unusual change in its social media strategy over the weekend.

This was down to the fact that a group of hackers – thought to be Cyber Wolf Gang (what a name!) – managed to gain access to the supercar manufacturer’s profile.

McLaren Twitter hack


Cue a string of bizarre, yet strangely amusing, tweets – all of which have subsequently been deleted.



We aren’t really sure why Cyber Wolf Gang decided to hack @McLarenAuto but at least there was no malice and – if anything – they provided a bit of a chuckle, although we do feel sorry for McLaren’s IT department, honest.

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SuperUnleaded contacted McLaren for a comment but we haven’t received a response as yet.

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