Twitter Reacts To Chris Evans Bagging Top Gear Job

Twitter Reacts To Chris Evans Bagging Top Gear Job

We sort of guessed it would happen on Friday. Sort of. Chris Evans has been confirmed as the new host of Top Gear and will lead an “all new line up”.

The red headed Radio 2 breakfast show host was named the new man in charge of fast cars on telly at 7.15pm last night and ever since then the world of Twitter has gone crazy.

Here’s what happened.

First the news broke on BBC 2’s Twitter feed

But being BBC Two not many people noticed. But then Evans himself got involved.

LOTS of people noticed that. Then many, many, many people reminded Evans of this…

Liar Elf

Meanwhile, back in the present, former presenter May was backing his mate…

Ah, isn’t that sweet. Unfortunately (for Evans) “The Chef” was behind him too

We’re starting the Don’t Whatever You Do Give James Martin A Co Host Job campaign right now… Fortunately the world of football was pleased.

Because, obviously, Linekar speaks on behalf of the World Of Football. Even Mike Brewer was happy…

As was Jake “Used To Do Formula 1” Humphrey…

But then there was *some* disquiet in the ranks. That mouthpiece of middle England, Katie Hopkins, chucked her oar in (when does she not?)

Did you get that? No us neither. It was just noise.

Piers Morgan tried to be funny.

And failed.

Meanwhile the news confused many Americans who thought Captain America had just taken on a slightly lesser superhero role…


Fortunately The Mirror had the answer…

Thanks for clearing that up.

As one wag pointed out, at least the BBC producers will now be safe from Hangry presenters…

But there’s been no word from Clarkson yet, who is possibly still in the process of complaining to Bill Gates. Or a double glazing salesman…


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