Two-Step Toyota Supra Breaks Glasses With Only Its Exhaust

Two-Step Toyota Supra Breaks Glasses With Only Its Exhaust

Two-step rev limiters are awesome. They result in incredibly quick launches and, perhaps more importantly, sound amazing when you’re revving your car at a standstill.

In case you don’t know what a two-step rev limiter is, it’s essentially an additional limiter to the one that you find higher in the rev range to stop the engine blowing up but is lower down that range.


The idea is to help you launch more quickly by limiting wheelspin, and is particularly effective in turbocharged cars because it allows the turbo boost to build up before you drive away. Here’s a useful video explaining it in more detail…

Got that? Good.

Because of the way it works, you tend to get unburnt fuel in the exhaust, which results in fire, popping and banging.

That has led to a YouTuber by the name of Cleetus McFarland placing Ikea glasses behind the exhaust of a Toyota Supra to see if they’d shatter – and the results are impressive! Check out the video below…

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