Uber-royal driver sought

Uber-royal driver sought

We’ve all heard about the controversial plan to pull the rug from under Uber in London and ban it from operating within the capital.

But don’t be disheartened. If you’re one of the unfortunate 40,000 drivers affected, there may be a new job for you. Mind you, it is just one position, so competition might get fierce.

The Duke and Duchess of Kent are looking for a new driver.

Despite the duchess’s withdrawal from royal duties in 2002, the 84-year-old still needs to get out and about, as does her 81-year-old husband and cousin to the Queen HRH the Duke of Kent, especially when he’s on an official engagement.

You must know the streets of London and those of the Home Counties like the back of your hand – and you’ll reportedly get £24,000 a year for your efforts.

We don’t know what sort of car you’ll be expected to pilot, but the duke and duchess are often spotted in a Jaguar XJ, Range Rover or Bentley.

As the duchess’s driver, you may be asked to stick on some tunes from time to time, of which one of her favourites is apparently Dido’s Thank You. She is also said to be into rap, having been a music teacher for 13 years after retiring from public life.

Ready to roll with the royals?

Main image: PA

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