Video: Porsche Cayman GT4 Demolishes Nurburgring in 7:42

Video: Porsche Cayman GT4 Demolishes Nurburgring in 7:42

The Cayman may be Porsche’s junior model, but this video shows that its performance is anything but junior – especially in GT4 form.

With a howling engine stuffed in its loins – making it a balanced machine to chuck around the fearsome Nurburgring circuit’s countless corners – this beauty has rocketed around the notorious track in a rapid seven minutes and 42 seconds with a Sport Auto journalist at the wheel.


Impressive stuff. Or it would be at least, if the upcoming Honda Civic Type R couldn’t achieve the same feat in less than seven minutes and 51 seconds – all for around half the price.

What the Civic does without, though, is the Cayman’s musical 3.8-litre powerhouse behind the driver’s seat. With its manual gearbox and scintillating old-school soundtrack, we still think we’d opt for the Porsche…

Watch the video below to hear why.

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