Volvo Shows Everyone How Crash Tests Should Be Done

Volvo Shows Everyone How Crash Tests Should Be Done

There’s something rather relaxing and satisfying about seeing a crash test in slow motion, although as cars get safer the results are less spectacular.


Action-wise, not a great thing, but for us all it’s a real bonus.

We showed you how a crash test shouldn’t end up with the rather hilarious results of the Ford Mustang’s assessment.


So here’s how a crash test should be done, with the ever-safe and ever-reliable Swedes at Volvo showing that the new XC60 SUV is a truly safe car.

Volvo has said it wants to make its cars ‘deathproof’ by 2020, which, yes, is a bold claim, but if anyone can do it, Volvo can.

You don’t have to be a genius to see how good the XC60 fared on the standard Euro NCAP tests. Although an official rating is yet to be released, five stars are pretty much assured.

So if you want truly safe cars – which are also pretty darn stylish – buy a Volvo.


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