VW Golf Driver Fails To Spot Very Obvious Biker Coming Towards Him

VW Golf Driver Fails To Spot Very Obvious Biker Coming Towards Him

It really shouldn’t be all that difficult for bikes and cars to share the road in peace.

Nevertheless, here we are again looking at another incident where some majestic brain-fade has left a biker sprawling in the road after a confrontation with a car.

This particular prang begins quite innocently, as the biker ambles rather leisurely down a stretch of highway in Mexico City, when a Volkswagen Golf driver decides to pull out in front of him.

Biker crash Mexico City

So far, so dull. But after slowing down, our KTM-riding biker decides to pull round the front of the dozy motorist – and that’s where things go awry.

Inexplicably, the Golf driver then pulls forward into the passing bike, knocking him off into the road.

Bike crash Mexico City

Fortunately, the spill is rather low speed – the KTM RC200 he’s riding only has 25hp in any case – but still entirely avoidable had the Golf driver used his eyes.

Still, at least he shakes the rider’s hand. That’ll help.

Bike crash Mexico City

Luckily, neither bike nor rider seem too damaged by this entirely avoidable moment of dumbness – amazingly, the rider only suffered bruising to his hip and knee.

You can see the video clip below:

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