Want To Avoid Getting Your Car Towed? Buy A Maybach

Want To Avoid Getting Your Car Towed? Buy A Maybach

Getting a parking ticket is annoying. Getting towed away is even more annoying.

How do you stop this happening? Well unfortunately we can’t do anything about the tickets. But if you want to avoid being towed, we suggest you buy a Maybach 62S.

The big, luxurious super-saloon proved too much for this tow crew in Vienna who, after hooking the brute up to a crane, were unable to even lift it off its wheels. The machine they’ve brought just can’t deal with the Maybach’s weight.


To be fair to them, the Maybach came as standard with television screens, 18-way adjustable electric seats and wine cooler. Yes, a wine cooler. All this contributed to a car that weighed just over two tons. In other words, it’s a pretty difficult car to crane.

The crew does make a good job of setting of the car’s alarms though, which for some reason don’t prompt the owner to come out and check his car. Maybe the owner knows that there’s no chance of their car being moved anywhere.

See the struggle for yourself in the video below:

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