Want To Buy Steve Jobs’ BMW 3 Series?

Want To Buy Steve Jobs’ BMW 3 Series?

Ever fancied owning a piece of Apple history? The original iMac, perhaps, or a first generation iPod?

How about Steve Jobs old car? That’s right, the former wheels of the late Apple co-founder have gone up for sale on US car site Instamotor, complete with an original receipt in his wife’s name.


The 1995 3 series BMW convertible in 325i trim has been listed for $15,000, which equates to £9,560 – quite steep for an average condition car of its age.

With almost 140,000 miles on the clock, it’s definitely part-worn, and even with the smart black leather heated seats and a Pioneer stereo, we can’t help but feel like we’d be paying more for the provenance than the car itself.


But then again, the seats have been graced by the guy who spearheaded the personal computer revolution, and invented the iPod, and the iPhone…

Where’s our wallet?

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