Want An Epic Track Toy? Try This eBay McLaren Formula One Car!

Want An Epic Track Toy? Try This eBay McLaren Formula One Car!

What do you get the car lover who has everything? A McLaren Formula One car, of course.

Mysteriously popping up on eBay, this V10-era McLaren is apparently located in Brazil and up for sale with a starting price of a cool $270,000 – just over £185,000.

McLaren F1 Car eBay

We say “mysteriously” as to the best of our knowledge McLaren rarely, if ever, lets go of its race cars. Even odder, the car is described as and stickered up to resemble a 2003 model – even wearing Kimi Raikkonen’s number 6 from that year – but is quite clearly a car from the 2000 season.

McLaren F1 Car eBay6

The MP4-15 plaque on the interior seems to confirm this – McLaren raced the MP4-15 in 2000, and 2003’s car was the MP4-17 – but adds even more intrigue. The serial code includes the term “SSC”, or “static show car”, suggesting that not only has this car not been raced by Kimi in 2003 as described, but hasn’t ever turned a wheel as it’s just a model for motor shows and press events.

McLaren F1 Car eBay5

The seller does note that the car has no engine, so static model or not it’s pretty much in ornament status at the moment – but what a cool ornament!

Edit: Unfortunately the eBay listing now seems to have been removed…

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