Want To Learn How To Overtake? Watch How Not To Do It First!

Want To Learn How To Overtake? Watch How Not To Do It First!

If overtaking is an art form, this unfortunate chap is a doodle pinned to a fridge door.

He manages to mess up in four different ways in his eagerness to get past a lorry on a largely empty road – and might have got away with it had it not been for the pesky oncoming truck, coach and two cars that he failed to spot.


Firstly he tries to overtake on a road curving away from his line of sight, without near-siding to check. Then he accelerates into the gap before heading over to the off-side…


… which he does without checking his mirrors, forcing a driver already executing an overtake to take avoiding action.

With that car blocking his view of the road in front he blissfully continues his overtake, ignorant of what his camera has captured ahead.


Oh no! Oncoming traffic!

Of course, he’s only halfway past the truck at this point and could easily slow down and duck back in with trousers suitably browned, but no. Our hero keeps his foot down to get past for a last moment swerve out of danger.


Which he inevitably overcooks and his journey ends – thankfully not as a pancake on the front of a lorry, and amazingly right-side up.

Watch the whole sorry spectacle here:

YouTube / Nice ASP – via Iframely

Maybe next time he’ll wear those glasses rather than leave them sitting on the dashboard…


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