Watch As A 2,200bhp Audi R8 Tries To Hit 220mph

Watch As A 2,200bhp Audi R8 Tries To Hit 220mph

The Audi R8 is already a quick car and one that’s rightfully admired.


So to take the power output up from 580hp to a ludicrous 2,200hp could be deemed pretty extreme.


But that’s exactly what’s happened here – and the results are flippin’ impressive.

The top speed of a base-model R8 is 180mph. However, after the work was done to this particular baby you’re looking well into the 200s.


The drag racing in the video shows off just how potent that extra power is, and this R8 beats more powerful opponents along the way in an impressive display.


With that extreme power on hand, the R8 smashes the 220mph barrier – just.


What a mind-boggling machine!

Check out the R8’s full set of race runs in the video below.

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