Reckless Biker Tries To Evade Cops But Crashes Instead

Reckless Biker Tries To Evade Cops But Crashes Instead

Bikers don’t have the best reputation – and with guys like this around you can understand why.

Posted on his own YouTube channel (for some reason), this video shows a full catalogue of what not to do as a responsible road user, or indeed a human being.

After the culprit – known only by his YouTube user ID of ‘Moto Tini’ – performs a wheelie right in front of a police cruiser in Sterling Heights, Michigan, the unimpressed copper requests a chat at the side of the road, which ‘our hero’ declines with an obscene gesture:

Biker flips off cops

Wow. Rude.

Moto Tini then decides to lead the cops on a merry chase through the streets, showing off his bike’s performance and his own questionable skills to leave the boys in blue standing.


The biker displays some absolutely ludicrous road manners, blowing through red lights and filtering through traffic at speeds of more than 100mph – even taunting other police cars when he sees them:


When it comes to giving way to cross traffic, the biker – who clearly thinks he’s playing Grand Theft Auto – doesn’t bother and simply filters through it:


He does finally get his comeuppance though. While overtaking a line of slow traffic on a side road (at 85mph) he fails to account for why they are going slowly and smashes into the side of a minivan turning left:

Biker flips off cops

In a further video posted on his channel, Moto Tini is utterly unrepentant, claiming that he loves the hatred aimed at him for his dozy road manners and below-par skills, and will be getting a replacement bike soon.

In the meantime, you can watch his video below. Set faces to stunned:

We can only hope that the police have tracked him down and thrown the book at him.

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