Watch Biker Wiped Out By Flying Yellow Log

Watch Biker Wiped Out By Flying Yellow Log

Bikers are hardwired to be ultra-aware. ‘Ride like you’re invisible and everybody else is drunk,’ is a phrase often heard in the hallowed halls of motorcycle cafes.

But one thing we’re not taught to look out for is boats losing their load, and despite a slight avoidance attempt this R3 rider found himself in a two-wheeled game of Super Mario.

And he lost, big time.


Lets watch that again…

Yep, gently swerving to the right did the biker no favours (talk about target fixation), as the rolled up yellow mat seemed to be gunning for him.

Colliding with the object – which we can only assume is some glorified roll mat – he goes airborne.

Despite managing to land back on two wheels, the resulting speed wobbles send the shorts- and trainers-clad biker crashing to the asphalt.

The incident reportedly took place on June 18 on Interstate 94 in Minnesota, and thankfully the biker only suffered minor injuries.

According to Linda Leverty, who’s dashcam recorded the crash, the boat’s owner neglected to stop and help. Stupid boat people.

Check out the full footage here:

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