Watch Biker’s Scary Near Miss As Lorry Crushes Ducati

Watch Biker’s Scary Near Miss As Lorry Crushes Ducati

‘Sorry mate, I didn’t see you.’

The common excuse used by drivers who collide with motorbikes. So common, is it, that it has its own acronym – SMIDSY.

And as SMIDSYs go, this one is spectacular.

One ‘motovlogger’ – a biker with a gopro on his head – was riding along on his ’09 plate Ducati Monster, when a huge lorry came around the corner on a wide line, crossing the centre of the road and onto a collision course with the bike.

Watch and weep.


Thanks to the rider’s ninja skills, he escaped unharmed. His motorcycle however, did not.

To rub salt in the wound, the lorry driver then attempted to reverse off of the bike, instead dragging it along the road.


Luckily an elderly lady saw the whole thing happen, and came running over to tell the lorry driver off.



And no one wants a telling off from an old lady…

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