Driver Runs Out Of Talent In Rented Supercar

Driver Runs Out Of Talent In Rented Supercar

Rented cars are, as we all know, the fastest cars on the planet, but imagine how fast a rented supercar might be. Now, once you’ve imagined that, think how dangerous a rented supercar would be in the hands of a grade-A numpty.

In fact, you don’t have to imagine, because there’s a video from across the pond that perfectly demonstrates why certain people can’t be trusted with nice things.

Watch in horror as the rented Ferrari 458’s driver runs out of talent on a seemingly innocuous right-hander then holds his head in his hands as he realises he’s lost his deposit. (We’re referring to money, by the way.)

But while the financial implications must sting a little, we suspect it’s as nothing compared to the bruised ego. Now that the video is doing the rounds on that little thing called the world wide web, it’ll probably take a while for our brave-but-foolish Ferrari-renting friend to live this one down. NB: Video contains explicit language.

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