Watch This Heart-Stopping Near Miss In A 50mph Zone

Watch This Heart-Stopping Near Miss In A 50mph Zone

If you’ve had to drive through one of the many sets of motorway roadworks recently, you’ll know how tiring it can be.

The constant 50mph crawl along a road designed for twice that, under the ever-watchful eyes of SPECS cameras can really send attention skills off whack.

That’s about the only excuse we can think of for this buttock-clenching near miss in a section of these roadworks on the M1 near Wakefield earlier this month.

Caught on dashcam (what isn’t?), we see a white van driver merrily bimbling along oblivious to the immobile car in his lane until the last moment. He exhibits some serious skills avoiding the obstacle – as does the unsighted vehicle filming it – by what must be a matter of centimetres…

YouTube / DailyMailChannel – via Iframely

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