Watch This Lada Bring Its Russian Driver To His Knees

Watch This Lada Bring Its Russian Driver To His Knees

You know what they used to say: In Communist Russia, car drives you.

Never has this been more true than in dashcam footage that surfaced this week from a city centre street in Izhevsk, Russia. No, it’s not the latest in autonomous driving technology, rather it seems to be the result of a little forgetfulness.


We’re not totally sure how the driver ended up outside his Lada Riva Estate (okay, technically a VAZ 2104) with it in motion, but somehow he did.

Leaning in through the driver’s side window to steer the Lada – based on the old Fiat 124 – as he crosses an intersection on Pushkinskaya, the situation rapidly gets away from him. Steering the car towards the nearest kerb, he soon almost comes into conflict with a Range Rover.


Probably wisely, he steers the errant Lada away but overcorrects. Soon the car is heading left across oncoming traffic faster than the poor driver’s little legs can cope.


After missing a Mitsubishi Shogun (whose driver seems to abandon all desire to continue on his journey and goes back the way he came), the Russian’s legs give out and he’s helplessly dragged on his knees across what remains of the trip before the mischievous car deposits itself into the side of a Volkswagen Tiguan.


You can watch the whole video below, complete with appropriately jaunty music – kind of a Russian version of the Benny Hill theme…

YouTube / Ижевск где гай стоят – via Iframely

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